Sziget is much more than just a music festival

2013. március 20. 16:14


Here are the first details of this year’s circus programmes.

„As many of you know, Sziget is much more than just a music festival. To prove that, here are the first details of this year’s circus programmes:

This year’s circus programmes will be concentrated in a brand new and very spectacular venue. In this venue the visuals and atmosphere of a travelling circus from the 1890s are used and the performances will showcase programmes from the contemporary circus genre – originally known as nouveau cirque – exclusively made for Sziget.

In the afternoons there will be interactive circus programmes, where the audience can participate in trying some circus instruments, while acrobats and stunt-oriented artists touch the sky with their explosive energy, while questioning the physical boundaries. They will be accompanied by young singers and DJs, all together creating an unbelievable adventure.

In the evenings the group of young Hungarian acrobats of Recirquel can be seen once again, after amazing the audience in the Magic Mirror tent last year. They are coming with a production spiced up with magic and theatre by breath-taking acrobats.

Days will end with the Swing & Circus, performing swing, electro-swing, dance and circus all together. While dancing, don’t be surprised if a half-naked trapeze artist flies above you…

In the upcoming weeks more names and productions, both musical and non-musical, will come for the 2013 Sziget Festival!”

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